About us

The Media and Arts Technology (MAT) programmes provided a bridge between academic research, digital technologies, and creative industries. We offered innovative inter-disciplinary programmes in the sciences and technologies that transform the creative sector, with a special focus on Sound, Music, Media, and Interaction.

Since 2008 we have produced an elite community of graduates who are excellent in technical and scientific research, creativity, building and using software and hardware, and are prepared to contribute to the world’s Digital Economy.

Our programme was part of a £250 million strategic government initiative, and was exceptionally well resourced. The MAT Studios include a dedicated Listening Room and audio Control Room complete with 3D positional audio capture and playback and a great range of professional audio equipment and musical instruments, and the Performance Lab complete with Vicon real-time motion capture system and integrated lighting DMX system.

The MAT programmes linked to many strands of research both within and outside the university, with strong ties to the School of Electronic Engineering, School of Business and Management, School of Geography and the Drama and Film departments.

Inter-disciplinary research