Masters Programme

The Masters in Media and Arts Technology was a cross-disciplinary one-year full-time Postgraduate programme in creative computing, unique in the UK.

The programme allowed students to be part of a new generation of designers, engineers and researchers who apply digital innovation to the creative sector by combining human-computer interaction with creative computing; this MSc taught how to combine advanced technical and creative computing skills to shape digital transformation and improve lives.


Sara Anne Wigglesworth

“Queen Mary is a welcoming institution and provides excellent facilities for its students. In the Media and Arts Technology Masters, I found rich opportunities to freely exercise my creative vision in many projects. My success in the programme would not have been possible without all the support I received from my classmates, professors, and the staff. I enjoyed every minute of it. My teachers were engaging, inspirational and continuously pushed me to advance my research!” — Sara Anne Wigglesworth, Media and Arts Technology Masters, 2019-20

Harold Opara

“This course relies on perseverance and the willingness to learn. The knowledge and skills that I gained throughout this programme, I now use in my everyday life. From developing my knowledge around project management to creative coding and new media technology, the Media and Arts Technology Masters has benefited my career as a professional musician. It has greatly improved my creativity and inspirations as I now incorporate computer-generated visualisations into my art, with the aim of creating novel audiovisual experiences for my audience. Great work is also recognised, and I’m thankful for the opportunity to co-author an international conference paper along with other brilliant individuals.” — Harold Opara (artist name Houston X), Media and Arts Technology Masters, 2019-20

QMUL no longer offers this course. Please see the following link for current Masters programmes: