A Selfless Society 2015


A Selfless Society is an abstract animation influenced by real-time data from a live naked mole-rat colony, with a focus on the activities of the altruistic non-breeding females. The work is an non-pictoral representation of the daily patterns of the naked mole rats. It is part of the Rodent Activity Transmission systems project ( Funders: The Centre for Public Engagement at Queen Mary University of London, Arts Council England. Partners: Open Data Institute Team: Julie Freeman, Dr. Chris Faulkes (Queen Mary University of London), Marcin Ignac (, Matt Jarvis Julie Freeman translates data from natural sources into kinetic sculptures, physical objects, images, sound compositions and animations, exploring relationships between science, art, and the natural world; questioning the impact of technology in how we translate nature. Photograph credit: Lorna Faulkes/Julie Freeman