From Dada to Java 2016

A short documentary about generative poetry & Twitter bots. In collaboration with Victor Loux, Sophie Skach, and Zhou Tang.

“Is the Twitter bot a new literary form? It’s a question that has been floating around for a while. In From Dada to Java: conversations about generative poetry & Twitter bots, Sophie Skach, Betül Aksu, Victor Loux, and Zhou Tang speak to artists and theorists about how generative works can sit side by side with literature’s greats. Coming as a continuation from avant-garde practices such as Dada and Oulipo, the bot lives comfortably in randomness and offers a chance to value the computer’s art as a product in and of itself.” Decorating Dissidence From Dada to Java is included in the Internet Archive, is reviewed by Procedural Generation, and by Urszula Pawlicka-Deger. The documentary inspired a title in the book “Digital Media and Textuality: From Creation to Archiving”. Exhibitions • Take Dada Seriously?, curated by Decorating Dissidence & Guest Projects London (2020) • Intersections, Mile End Art Pavilion London (2016)