In Conversation 2017

In Conversation, an audiovisual installation. In collaboration with Squidsoup.

In Conversation is a light and sound installation that invites spectators to walk around the city of İstanbul through the playful element of light. The installation represents recorded conversations of the artist and her friends, combined with the city noise and unhearable vocals from various neighbourhoods. In Conversationinvites spectators for an immersive experience, to stay far, to come closer, and to have a listen to what is being spoken around when they are on the move. The narrative behind the installation is a 3-phase story witnessing estrangement as a result of gentrification. The idea came from the artist’s visit to İstanbul after seven years, facing the cultural and political change in every bits of the city, including her conversations with old friends. Betül recorded these conversations and transformed them into images using Processing software. Using Squidsoup’s Ocean of Light software and immersive light technology, every pixel of the conversational unit is transformed into light. The installation is completed with a soundscape compiled from the recorded conversations, simultaneously progressing with the lights.