Plunge-it! 2017

Plunge-it! It’s an enhanced plunger which, on top of its primary function, can also act as a sound/animation controller. Developed to be completely wireless, it can be placed on to any flat surface and used for different applications.


  1. likely to deceive; capable of deception.
  2. perceptually misleading.
  3. ambiguous, deceitful, delusive, dishonest, fake, fallacious, false, fraudulent, illusory, mock, specious, spurious, unreliable

(Collins English Dictionary) The first impression is that one of a normal object which we are familiar with but it’s when we try to interact with it that the ambiguous and illusory aspect comes in. The object in fact becomes something else, a different version of a plunger (an “enhanced plunger”), and not in an expected way. The object shows its “hidden” characteristic that is, to be a multimedia controller to generate visuals and sounds according to its movement, resembling that one of a game joystick. When the user interacts with it, the object assumes a completely different meaning and purpose, although its exterior looks exactly the same as before. In fact, the plunger is still a fully working plunger, none of the initial meaning was taken from the object while an additional one was added on top of it. With Plunge-it!, one could ideally plunge a sink and generating sounds and visuals at the same time.