The ChandeLIA 2017

A sonic art installation and gesturally performed muscal instrument made from a chandelier.

The ChandeLIA is a new suspended musical instrument with a tactile interface exploring microtonality and spacial gesture mapping. Created using a hacked chandelier suspended from a frame, a Bela microcomputer, an Adafruit BN055 9 degrees of freedom board and a set of speakers, the instrument hangs motionless occasionally flickering its lights to entice the audience to interact with it. When The ChandeLIA is touched by the audience, the chandelier lights turn on and a tone is created. Moving the chandelier in different ways, such as swinging, spinning or holding the instrument upside-down, cause changes to the tone, such as microtonal pitch shifts and adjustments to audio effects. The instrument was designed to evoke the sound of electricity powering the lights.