The Ganesh Sequencer 2018

The Ganesh is a probability based hardware sequencer built for the eurorack modular format.

The device provides 3 channels of 16 step sequencing. Each potentiometer sets the probability of a trigger occurring on a specific step (0%-100%). The device has two gate outputs per channel for sequencing external sources, as well as two audio outputs for internal sample playback. The sequencer accepts modular clock and reset signals. The Hindu god Ganesh is known as the overcomer of obstacles. A particular obstacle in electronic music production (IMHO) is basic repetition, and overly ‘loop based’ musical structures. Many production tools subtlety promote loop-based practices though the implementation of binary possibilities for musical events in pitch and time. The aim of the Ganesh Sequencer is to provide a probability-based approach to sequencing musical events. This is not a new concept compositionally or technically, and many great tools are already available such as the Malekko Varigate and Winter Moduar’s Eloqeuncer to name a few.