Virtual Reality Game Krasnikov Tube 2016

Game storyline:

Our project idea was to create a virtual reality game that combined real-world elements with computer-generated scenery. We utilised stereoscopic film footage of hired actors as part of the introductory and ending scenes, as well as applied 3D models and procedurally generated content to the main gameplay scene. The project was aimed at general public, therefore needed to provide a cost-effective solution. Thus, we chose to target smartphones with Google Cardboard VR viewer as the deployment platform. The game was developed using Unity 3D game engine. Game storyline: The game begins with the player appearing on the train. There is a voice over giving information about the journey. A hologram of the train conductor appears that gives the player instructions on how to use Google Cardboard. Suddenly, the train crashes and the player appears on the island. The voice over of the train conductor sends out a message asking to find the missing pieces of the train and bring them to the mountain. The player then needs to search for three train pieces hidden on the island, following visual cues. Once all the parts are collected, the train conductor’s voice instructs the player to proceed to the mountain cave and find the key to open up the portal. In the cave, the player appears in the maze. Once they find the key in the maze, they also need to find the portal that spawned. By going through this portal, the player appears on the train again that is now on the way back home.