Sebastian Ruiz

My current research interests are:

  • Non-verbal voice: what information is conveyed by the human voice? Why is singing such a powerful expressive medium? What are the acoustic characteristics of human voice that are deemed of extreme relevance by human perception? Why does group singing is so effective facilitating bonding? What is the physiology of singing together?
  • Improvisation: how to facilitate improvisation? How to make technology to support the process of improvisation? Can technology provide feedback to enhance the learning/creative processes of improvisers (specifically in singing)?
  • Wellbeing: what is human wellbeing and how we can improve it? how can we use technology to enhance wellbeing?
  • Philosophical aspects: how can we conciliate the first, second and third person views? How can we give more credibility to the first-person perspective (subjective feeling), which give rise to millenary meditation traditions? How can we give more importance to the second-person perspective and how we empathise with each other? What is the role of voice in empathy?

My research interests for the future are many, but some are:

  • Dance and improvisation
  • Meditation and wellbeing
  • Technology and environment